Sunday, 4 May 2014

Next-Gen Engines

New Game Engines have been recently released and more are coming, news and rumors about other new game engines are spreading out. It's the next generation of gaming, so lets check out some of the most exciting reviews and trailers.

Lets start with this amazing video from TheDeserterGamerHD channel. This video focuses on the new incredible Dream Game Next-Gen Engine by VAYA Studio. I suspect it's a real game engine, but imagine if it's real.

"the next generation gaming era is finally coming" #from the video

Snowdrop Next-Gen engine is the engine in which Tom Clancy's The Division is being developed in, check out there trailer, so exciting.

"be prepared to enter the next generation of gaming'" #from the video

FOX Engine and MGS5, here is a part of their tech demo

Please take a deep breath, because this will blow your mind it's a whole planet rendered by the Game Engine I-Novae.

I will not forget mobile games, they are a huge thing lately, so check out Unity Game Engine 5

Now I will leave you with these leaked screenshots of Source 2 Next-Gen Engine from VALVE. Half life 2 created using the old source engine, so I hope they will use this new technology to create Half life 3.

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